Anaya Bobst

Dancer. Choreographer. Teacher. Writer. Arts Administrator.

Photo credit: Michaela Hoelldobler


Originally from Sweden, Anaya Bobst is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer and arts administrator. She currently works for Canada’s National Ballet School, presents her own choreographic works and teaches dance to people of varying ages and abilities. Anaya brings an international, diverse, and holistic set of experiences to the dance field as she has collaborated with other artists and worked for companies, festivals and educational organizations in Canada, the US, Switzerland and Sweden.

Anaya has performed in works by DanceTheYard, Martha Graham, David Norsworthy, Douglas Bentz, and Matt Pardo. She has presented her own works in Canada, the US and Sweden, participates in the North York Art’s program Evolve!, is a recipient of a choreographic residency at ccap/ in Sweden and implemented an independently choreographed installation at Point Park University. Anaya has a 92Y’s Dance Education Labratory (DEL) certification and is a member of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists. She holds a Summa Cum Laude, Honors B.F.A in Dance, with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Point Park University and has trained independently in New York, Toronto, Stockholm, Lausanne, Berlin and on Martha’s Vineyard.

I am a creative, intuitive, and enthusiastic person who is interested in creating meaningful experiences and dynamic “worlds” into which people can enter. By exploring physical, gestural, and conceptual ideas, my movement language expresses generosity and stimulates curiosity. I thrive on the rigorous involvement and social exchange of choreographing, performing, discussing, and watching dance in communities. My goal is to collaborate with committed and compassionate art makers to engage people in modern and contemporary dance environments that prosper on artistic energies.

Photo credit: Siobhan Beasley

Just Dance.

Photo credit: Siobhan Beasley


from dance class participants

"Anaya is an excellent communicator—verbally and physically—which makes it easy for beginners like myself to follow along and learn the movements and choreography."
"I think that Anaya is patient, supportive and caring. I like when she takes the time to guide the participants, sometimes one-one, to make sure they do the moves properly. I am always very impressed by her knowledge of the body and muscles. I like the holistic approach of the class, mind & body together. In regards to the choreography, they are creative, fun and challenging, but not too much which is great since we are still beginners. I feel graceful and “pretty” while I dance, but also using my body that way is a real game changer for someone who spend most of her time sitting behind a desk."
Cecile Ferandier-Sicard
Alumni relations coordinator
"Thank you so much for offering these classes and helping me to get me back into the groove of dancing. I absolutely love your classes and will keep coming back as long as you’re offering them!"
Cailin Collett
Communications Manager
"I enjoy the fact that Anaya makes you feel comfortable, no matter how experienced you are, while still challenging you. She is warm and professional. At the end of each class, I’m always impressed to see what we accomplished thanks to her. I gained a lot of mobility thanks to the class and I would love to keep working on that. Taking this class was one of my best decisions of the year 😊. I thoroughly enjoy it and keep encouraging people around me to join us."
Michel Rommel
Corporate banker
"Really positive vibe, energy and good mix of work-out and dance. I like the repetition we take to get it right, but also the sense of play and that it doesn’t matter what you look like as you’re doing it. Feel like it’s an inclusive space! It’s playful and lots of room to experiment. Anaya’s got great energy and takes the time to break down the steps as needed and also gives good instruction. Plus, there’s lots of positive encouragement along the way."
Stevie Atkins
"Anaya has created a very open, supportive, non-judgemental space that allows people to come at their own level, and be successful and have fun no matter what."


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1. Dancer in "Dissonance"

A collaborative performance-based art intervention intended to embody the emotions of the climate crisis and the hope for solutions.

2. Blogger for Prix de Lausanne

Articles based on my personal experience and interviews I conducted at the Prix´s 45th annual competition.

3. Choreographer for "Synvinkel"

A piece I choreographed for the 2017´s Bridge Works performance. This project was based on my experience at Prix de Lausanne.

4. Researcher for “I Feel Safe When"

A project by Jennifer Edwards that helps people collect and organize stories and reflect them back to the community.


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